Planned Content
Please note that the implementation of all the mentioned content and features will occur over time and will not be immediately available.


Player Character:
• Third person view and first person view: Switch between different perspectives to experience the game from different angles
• In-depth character customization: Customize your player character's appearance, including facial features, different body types, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories

• Inventory system: Manage and organize your horse-related items and equipment

• Gardening: Engage in gardening activities to grow plants, crops, or flowers for aesthetic purposes or as a source of income
• Fishing: Enjoy the serene waters by engaging in fishing activities to catch different species of fish or other things

• Archery: Develop your archery skills and participate in archery challenge


• Riding: Discover a unique riding and jumping system that offers a realistic equestrian experience
• Breeding: Engage in the breeding process to create new and unique horse lineages
• Buying and selling horses: Acquire new horses from various sources and sell them
• Horse training: Train your horses to improve their skills and performance in competitions
• Competitions: Participate in a variety of disciplines, such as dressage, show jumping, cross country, and western riding, showcasing your horse's abilities
• Horse care: Take care of your horses, including feeding, brushing, hoof picking, and mucking, ensuring their well-being and happiness
• Different styles of tack: Choose from a wide range of tack options, including Western, English, and other styles, to suit your horse's needs and style
• Horse customization: Customize your horse's appearance, including its markings, coat color, hairstyle, and eye color, to create a unique and personalized companion
• More horse breeds: Discover and unlock additional horse breeds, each with its own characteristics and traits

Home Stable:
• Building Mode: Customize and decorate your own stable and surrounding areas
• Taking care of your horse: Feeding, grooming, and maintaining the well-being of your horse at your stable
• Inventory system: Manage and organize your horse-related items and equipment and display them

Free Riding:
• Day and night cycle: Experience realistic time progression with dynamic lighting and atmospheric changes
• Weather changes: Encounter diverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and sunshine, affecting the gameplay and environment
• Wild animals: Encounter and interact with various wildlife species as you explore the world
• Exploration: Venture into vast landscapes, forests, mountains, and other scenic areas, discovering hidden secrets and breathtaking views

• Earning money: Engage in various activities, such as competitions or completing quests, to earn in-game currency for purchasing items and enhancing your gameplay experience
• Progression system: Advance and improve your skills, abilities, and accomplish various goals
• Quests and side activities: Engage in a variety of quests and side activities to earn rewards and discover new content
• Immersive sound design: Enjoy a captivating audio experience with realistic sound effects and an atmospheric soundtrack
• User-friendly interface: Navigate and interact with the game easily through an intuitive and accessible interface

• Multiplayer functionality: Connect and ride together with other players via sessions
• Regular updates and content expansions: Expect continuous updates, improvements, and new content to enhance your gaming experience over time